Converse is a single brand with distinct groups of creative consumers. The Cons business rallied around the sharp point of skateboarding as active-creative self expression. In the Fall of 2015, the challenge was to create a long lasting but unique video branding that simultaneously gave Cons it’s own identity without becoming a sub-brand. It had to both establish it’s own identity while reinforcing that it was part of the same brand as the Chuck, not more or less. 

Converse’s angle on skate was the self-expressive aspect over the athletic or dare devil that other companies may have stressed. The skate videographers were charged to shoot more B-roll and to create more artistic edits of the videos, reinforcing that skating is not just a form of self expression but the entire community of videographers and photographers are all artistic as well.

Role: Creative Direction
Art Director: Dan Connor
Animation: Derek Lerner