I'm Christian Acker,
creative director
& designer.
I see patterns
& connect dots.

The History

Adnauseum Inc was founded in 2002 as Christian Acker's creative hub and consultancy. It is also a portfolio & time capsule of his working life, a life committed to unpacking culture, youth and what works in the street. Christian brings that pattern recognition and expertise to your business like few others. From sport to art; skateboarding to beer; music to sneakers; this portfolio is a synthesized expression of a contemporary cultural zeitgest played out over a 20 year career.

Christian has worked as both an independent jack-of-all-trades, as well as a leader of corporate cross-functional teams. A strategic thinker with wide interests, Christian is equally at home in strategy meetings or on a photo set. He thrives off of big picture integration with an eye for detail, ever attempting to reconcile the micro and the macro in search of tapping into the meta narrative. 

The Mission

Culture - from the Latin: Colere - to grow, tend or cultivate.

Adnauseum's Mission is to cultivate and care for the world we live in by collaborating with good people to design contributions to a positive future culture (both the experiential and the artifacts) by the integration of our life and work; our vocation and leisure; our craft and creativity; our time and money; our thoughts, words and deeds toward the goal of human flourishing in new and dynamic ways.

Less pop. More culture. 

The Nitty Gritty

The work contained on this site has been lovingly created by Christian and many other collaborators over many years. Some work samples may have been created while Christian was happily employed at SME Branding, Zoo York, or Mass Appeal in NYC or Converse in Boston.All work is copyright and owned by their respective TM and © owners.

A heartfelt and giant thanks to all of the talented collaborators, clients, designers, writers, photographers, illustrators and producers who have contributed to these projects, past present and future.