The Story:
Conversations With Tyler is a popular podcast hosted by economist Tyler Cowen. Produced by Mercatus Center at George Mason University, Cowen has recorded conversations with some of todays most influential thinkers, including, Malcolm Gladwell, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, David Brooks, Michael Pollan and Peter Thiel (to name a few). Intellectual without pretension, these conversations are not average interviews, as Tyler likes to read his guests entire oeuvre in preparation for each episode.

The Goal:
Create a brand strategy and new identity that helps make the podcast worth sharing as much as the ideas and conversations Tyler has with his guests. 

Some Insights:
- The concept, positioning and tagline. “Listening Produces Knowledge” came from interview and in-person strategy sessions with Tyler and his staff.
- Where most people think of listening as a passive activity Cowen considers listening a key feature of knowledge, which is more akin to a production than an acquisition.
- The logo is reminiscent of an ear, an amphitheater, a sound wave, a distillation and a meditative labyrinth. It symbolizes the process of listening to learn and learning to listen.
- Just like Rakim, Tyler Cowen knows the ledge.