In Spring 2016 Cons introduced an innovative midsole technology that combined the comfort of a cup sole with the board feel of a vulcanized product. CLS directly addressed a skateboarder’s desire to maintain board-feel, a big reason why skaters come to Converse, while providing cushioning and stability found in more technical skate shoes.

The goal was to establish CLS as a product platform with functionality that would transcend the model it was premiered with. We did this by creating a dual pronged strategy of content and marketing tools that spoke to the skater in the tried and true manner of professional skate photo and video along with a technical features and benefits explanation that described the process in a humorous and colloquial way.

Role: Creative Direction, Copy & Design lead
Lifestyle Photo: Jon Coulthard
Product Photo: Converse Photo Studio
Video: Richard Quinterro, Ben Chadourne