The Challenge:
May 2017. Following up on the success of the Times Square project Puma came back to challenge me to make a bigger splash in a more localized way for their Foot Locker opening in Dearborn, part of the greater Detroit area. Working together with agency 1,000 Heads we expanded the assortment of limited availability product and created an asset pack of photo and video for hyper localized and geo-targeted marketing efforts via Snapchat and Instagram Stories. 

  •  1.66M impressions generated from SnapAd and geofilters (76% greater than target)

  • 486 hours spent on SnapAd – this equates to roughly 20.2 days!

  • Geofilters were viewed 17.2K times

  • 20.9K completed views on our SnapAd (198% greater than target)

  • $0.22 CPCV (88% better than target)

  • $6.76 CPM (51% better than target)

The story:
For the first 4 months of 2017, NYC based artist Mr Kiji was artist-in-residence in Detroit's Eastern Market. Working with Detroit native and artist, Nick Jaskey the two created collaborative and corresponding works that reflected upon the city of Detroit for street and gallery. Both are abstract artists who deal in shape and color. Inspired by Detroit's city flag, environment and seasons, their abstract art drew from the color palette transition from the dull and dreary palette of winter as it transitioned into Spring. A very limited Detroit-centric capsule of sneakers, tees and art were available exclusively at the newest Foot Locker. The limited sneakers sound out in hours.

Role: Creative Direction, Production
Artists: Mr Kiji, Nick Jaskey
Photo: Brian Kelley
Video: Stephen Marino
Agency Partner: 1,000 Heads

Kiji and Nick designed custom snapchat filters especially for local markets and neighborhoods around Detroit